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New Ross Traffic Management Scheme

The main objective of the scheme was to prepare a plan that would aim to improve safety and accessibility, relieve traffic congestion and optimise parking facilities in New Ross Town.

Preparation of the plan included:

  • Problem identification,
  • Consultation with key stakeholders (e.g. chamber of commerce, residents groups, emergency services)
  • Public consultation
  • Surveys and data collection (e.g. origin-destination surveys, junction counts, parking surveys, accident data analysis).

The plan consisted of a final report that set out key recommendations and proposals for the implementation of a traffic and parking management plan for New Ross. The report recommended a short, medium and long-term improvements. The short term measures included a new one-way system, upgraded traffic signal control (using MOVA) at O’Hanrahan Bridge, reconstruction of a number of the Town’s roads and footpaths, raised platforms, enhanced pedestrian facilities, pay and display parking.

The short-term improvement scheme was presented to the Elected Members of New Ross Town Council in 2003 and subsequently went through the Part 8 Planning process. The process involved:

  • Production of drawings for public display,
  • Attendance at a number of public consultation events,
  • Production of a report on the submissions received

Following approval by the Elected Members tender documents and drawings were prepared for the scheme by CSEA. Construction of the scheme commenced in 2005 and was completed in 2006.