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Fulwith Brow, Harrogate

The project involved the construction of a 4-storey, 23000 square feet dwelling house on a prominent hillside site in Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The house contains 7-bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, gym and cinema.

The structure was constructed with insulated concrete formwork (ICF) blocks, filled with in-situ concrete providing a very robust and extremely well insulated property. The floors were constructed from 225mm deep precast units with 75mm structural screed, clear spanning 10 metres between the internal cross-walls.

The roof was constructed using structurally-insulated panels (SIPS) with a zinc covering.

The roof and balconies were constructed as pure cantilevers, some spanning up to 4metres from the face of the building.

The building is clad in locally sourced York-stone and cedar panels.

Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates (CSEA) acted as Civil / Stuctural and Design Engineers for this project.