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CRH PLC Belgard

Construction and fit-out of a new Finance Building at the Cement Roadstone Group (CRH PLC Belgard) at the Belgard Castle Campus, in Clondalkin.

As part of the project, conservation works were carried out to the listed Annex building to incorporate new offices. A new bespoke stone/cedar/zinc clad link building was formed to accommodate a corridor and stairs linking the existing structure with the new building. The new structure included stone panels and cedar cladding, sympathetic to the adjacent protected building. A bespoke curtain walling system incorporating electronic sun screening was installed to permit light to penetrate the interior without glare/Heat gain together with natural ventilation & insitu and precast concrete finishes.

The proposed new office building is designed as an energy efficient structure providing a please climate to work in. The layout of the offices allows natural ventilation throughout the year. Void in the corridor zone allow the build-up of a stack effect enhancing the natural ventilation cycle. Fresh air can be pre-warmed through heat exchange in the winter time using the rising warm air in the corridor zone. Controlled night time ventilation during the summer allows cooling of the thermal mass in the building, which cools the offices during the daytime. The cooling cycle and the heat exchange cycle will be timed to suit the various conditions.

The south façade if the building required effective solar shading. The proposal shows sliding stainless steel mesh screens in front of the building as external solar shading devices obstructing the sunlight before it contacts the glazing while maintain semi transparency to allow unobstructed views.

The use of ground heating is currently being investigated.

The works included substantial demolitions and alterations, site works, parking and site services provision element.