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O'Connell Tower Access Stairs, Glasnevin Cemetery

O'Connell Tower located within Glasnevin Cemetery was built in 1855 to house the remains of Daniel O'Connell. The tower had a timber stairs that went from the basement crypt to the top viewing gallery. A bomb placed in the tower in 1971 destroyed the stairway completely.  In 2010, work started on the design of a replacement stairway to access the top viewing gallery. The final design used an original drawing of an earlier replacement stairs in 1907. A timber structure was found to be the best solution as all the stair flights would be different. There was also constrained access with the tower with the diameter varying from 12' 6" (3.75m) to 10' 6" (3.15m).

The original structural form was followed with similar materials as per the original specification.

Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates were the structural engineering designers for this projects and oversaw all aspects of the contruction works.