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Grange Castle Business Park Foul Pumping Station

As part of the development of Grange Castle Business Park, Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates (CSEA) were engaged by South Dublin County Council to develop foul sewerage infrastructure for the 500 acre Grange Castle Business Park and for an additional 500 acres of land within the industrial catchment. A key element of this infrastructure was a large sewage pumping station to deliver sewage from the catchment to the 9B arterial sewer on the Fonthill Road.

The pumping station was designed in a dry-well/wet-well arrangement to allow for ongoing maintenance with a minimum installed pump arrangement of duty/standby. Due to the size of the catchment and the speculative nature of the development the pumping station has to be capable ramping up delivery capability concurrently with the development of the catchment. This was facilitated by the installation of 3 No. rising mains of 100mm, 200m and 450mm in diameter. A total of 4 pump suction pipes were installed similarly to cater for a varying flow regime over the lifetime of the pumping station. The pumping station is designed for a maximum daily delivery of 12,000m3/day with 8 hour storage and backup power generation installed on site.

CSEA provided a full civil and structural engineering consultancy service on this project which included hydraulic and structural/engineering design, architectural design, part 8 planning process, procurement and contract administration.