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Cruiserath Road Watermain Pumphouse

During the development of a large area of Industrial Lands (110 Hectares) for IDA Ireland in the Blanchardstown area a deficiency in the capacity of the local water infrastructure primarily related to poor pressure was identified by Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates (CSEA). The catchment had been identified as a centre for large scale industrial development for businesses with significant water uses i.e. Bio-Pharma and ICT.

CSEA were subsequently appointed by Fingal County Council to design a pumping station to boost pressure in the local catchment. A key performance requirement of the pumping station was to replenish fire ponds for the Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Plant within an 8 hour time frame to cater for major emergency events. The total installed pump capacity delivers 1000m3/hr.

CSEA provided a full civil engineering consultancy service for the development of this pumping station including hydraulic design, structural design, part 8 planning permission, procurement and contract administration.