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1000mm Arterial Water Infrastructure - Ballycoolin

Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates (CSEA) were appointed by Fingal County Council to design, procure and construct 7.5km of upgraded arterial watermains in the catchment of their main service reservoir at Ballycoolin.

The existing network consisted of a 24” cast iron and 24” asbestos cement mains, constructed in the 1950’s and 1970’s respectively, and due to rapid development of the industrial catchment it was proposed to upgrade the mains. Working with Fingal County Council, the local authority, and Dublin City Council, who have overall responsibility for the provision of water in the region, CSEA developed a design for a replacement main along the route of the proposed Ballycoolin/Cappagh road realignment. This ensured that the new main was located in the public domain whereas the older mains had become surrounded by new private development.

The replacement mains consisted of 2.4km of 1000mm diameter ductile iron pipeline and 5km of 400mm diameter distribution mains. Flows within the mains are monitored by magnetic flow meters and all main valves are actuated allowing remote control by the water authority. The construction of the mains had to be undertaken in a number of phases to ensure that the water supply to the large industrial catchment was not affected significantly during the course of construction.

CSEA provided a full engineering consultancy services for this project including design, procurement and contract administration. CSEA prepared all documentation for the local authority to comply with statutory procedures for land acquisition and serving of wayleaves. CSEA also acted as project supervisor design process in accordance with the safety Health and welfare at Work regulations and provided resident engineering staff on site.