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Environmental Management Plan

CSEA acknowledge that our activities impact upon the environment and we endeavour to demonstrate sound environmental awareness, management and sustainability through the implementation of best practice.  CSEA’s Environmental Policy complies with the National and European Environmental legislation.

To achieve our Environmental and Sustainability Objectives CSEA are commited to:

  • Conduct our core activities in an environmentally responsible manner and apply best practice
  • Incorporate the use of sustainable solutions in our designs. 
  • Communicate the policy to all our people and seek to continually improve its overall environmental performance
  • Ensure the continual professional development of our people to improve their skills and awareness of environmental issues and best practice in sustainable design
  • Manage our office operations in a sustainable manner by minimising the use of non-renewable resources and the generation of waste, maximising the reuse and recycling of materials and managing energy usage responsibly in our office environment.
  • Audit and Review our Environmental and Sustainability Policy on an ongoing basis. 

In the course of our work as Designers and Project Managers we endeavour to ensure that schemes are designed in an environmental sustainable manner and that all environmental and health and safety hazards are assessed and appropriately managed in accordance with the General Principles of Prevention.