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Continuous Professional Development

"The Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer standard recognises good organisational practice in the area of professional development for engineers and technical staff and receives the formal backing of the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment."

CSEA CPD Certificate



CSEA is committed to the training and development of its people and it is company policy to ensure that all personnel are trained and experienced to the highest standard. CSEA's policy to allow its people to continue their training and development as engineers and technicians as part of their ongoing professional development is fundamental to the ethos of the firm.

As part of the CPD programme, development of individuals is both encouraged and necessary. All our people are responsible for identifying competency gaps within the firm and once these development needs are identified, training and development is facilitated by a combination of internal on the job training or external courses as appropriate.


  • Develop employees to achieve maximum effectiveness in their current role,
  • Develop a flexible and multi-skilled workforce capable of rapid response to changing business needs,
  • Develop skills for future opportunities within CSEA,
  • Develop, motivate and retain employees,
  • Maximise the knowledge and experience within our organisation.

To achieve these policy objectives, CSEA actively promote the following:

  • Development of all personnel, including participation in both internal and external training and education, attending courses and seminars and participation on new projects.
  • Knowledge Sharing through lunchtime talks by internal and external speakers.
  • Performance and Development Reviews carried out on an annual basis.
  • Encourage employees to identify their own CPD needs for individual CPD plans.
  • Provision of a mentoring programme to support employees.
  • CPD Steering Group which monitors and reviews the continuous development of CPD within CSEA.
  • Encourage employees to participate in the activities for their Professional Institution.
  • Provide a route to Chartered status and equivalent professional recognition.